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A Footprint Of Feelings (2008) Digipack CD

Image of A Footprint Of Feelings (2008) Digipack CD


Moonlit Sailor - A Footprint Of Feelings (EP) Deep Elm Records 2008 DER - 489

Recording Time: 27 min 08 sec

01. A Footprint Of Feelings
02. Night Stroll
03. Earls Court
04. The Fog Is Lifting
05. Waterfall
06. Yes
07. Once We Were Children

"Instead of cheap tricks, they've simply utilized bombastic drumwork
and the prettiest guitars to craft one of 2008's most captivating,
engaging releases. As an LP, it is on the short side at 27 minutes.
But if at the end of the disc I'm left wanting more, then how can
I characterize this album as anything but a success? I don't think I can.
A Footprint Of Feelings is a success. This is music that makes me feel.
And for me, that's plenty."

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