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So Close To Life (2009) RE-RELEASE DIGIPACK CD

Image of So Close To Life (2009) RE-RELEASE DIGIPACK CD


Moonlit Sailor - So Close To Life (CD) Deep Elm Records 2009
DER - 488

Second album entitled So Close To Life from the young Swedish indie post-rock band Moonlit Sailor. Digitally released 17th November 2009 on Deep Elm Records.


Recording Time: 51 min 06 sec

01. Sunbeams
02. Hope
03. Landvetter
04. New Zealand
05. Fresh Snow
06. A Week Without Sunlight
07. The Cheers On The Parade
08. 1994
09. Waiting For Nothing

MOONLIT SAILOR isn't reinventing the post-rock genre on their sophomore full-length SO CLOSE TO LIFE...they are well on their way to perfecting it. This Swedish outfit laces cinematic, rise-and-ripple moments with unpredictable hooks and catchy melodies that effectively hold your hand through the peaks and valleys of emotional connection within their songs. These young lasses know exactly how to snare a listener with layers and mood...slowly, effortlessly, quietly (well, not always quietly) reeling you in. An instrumentally solid, exploratory and dynamically varied album with intense depth, So Close To Life is filled with highly spiritual and epic moments. You can't judge a book (album) by its cover, but you can when the band is MOONLIT SAILOR. For those yearning for a post-rock masterpiece, this is essential listening. This album is that good. It gives you hope. - Deep Elm Records

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